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to finalize the law to govern those elections as soon as possible. the framework agreement gives the united states a unique role in fostering a iraq's democratic development. we will work with leaders to ensure that all requirements are in place. it will have a committed partner in the united states. in relationship is rooted mutual respect. i think you for this opportunity, and i asked that you will please help me welcome prime minister malik he. maliki. [applause] >> in the name of god, may the blessing of god be upon you. i want to express my gratitude and esteemed to former congressman mr. jim marshall for his speech. i also want to give my thanks to ambassador beth jones for her warm words, and i want to extend to the u.s. ip my greetings and gratitude for their words. -- because of the development of the mechanism and the new techniques used by terrorists who undermine interests and institutions in all countries. we are here in a strategic important institute. i want to thank you for allowing me to be here. i want to discuss the relationship between iraq and the united states. we coop
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1